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Perfect for school clubs and organizations, academic and sporting teams, as well as P.T.A.s and private groups.   Skilled counselors tailor information sessions to meet your group's needs.   Writing workshops, curriculum building and changes in the application process are popular presentation topics.  Contact us for a complete list of ideas.

It's been two or three decades since you walked a college campus.   So much has changed, starting with technology, and your child isn't sure where to go, nor what to study.   So how do you start the search and apply?  And can you afford the next chapter to come?  No need to feel overwhelmed. This forum is built for parents new to the process, to equip them to guide their children into unique--and bright--futures.

Every year, the college application horizon shifts, with changes in standardized testing, application requirements, scholarship funding and more.    Knowing that students and parents juggle very busy lives, Murtaugh College Consulting monitors all aspects of the search and application process, and shares the latest up-to-date information with clients.   One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways we do that is with group forums involving parents and students.