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An easily affordable option that is a must-attend for all college-minded upper classmen.  Group size is limited to keep focus personalized and on-point.    This unique service includes two intimate group sessions where counselors address specifics in the application process and all of its components.   Afterward, each family meets one-on-one to fine-tune their personal plan.

While many prefer one-on-one service, much can be gained in a group setting, where students learn from each others' ideas and are motivated by each others' energy.  Murtaugh College Consulting offers several package options and presentations for student groups in the Greenville, SC area as well as the Atlanta - Charlotte corridor.

Classes & Workshops

An enlightening and energizing introduction for freshman and sophomores that will put them in the proper mindset as they start high school. We'll create a blueprint they can reference for the next few years, featuring curriculum planning, test scheduling, and strategy sessions.  

College App Fast Track

Jump Start